Mitsubishi Power and DT Midstream to advance hydrogen in US


DT Midstream and Mitsubishi Power have signed a strategic joint development agreement (JDA) to accelerate the development of clean hydrogen energy projects across the United States.

To decarbonize the utility, transportation, and industrial sectors, the partners will identify, develop, and deploy projects that combine Mitsubishi Power’s power generation and hydrogen technology with DT Midstream’s energy infrastructure development and operating capabilities.

The JDA focuses on hydrogen and other commodities production, storage, transportation, and consumption. Offer hydrogen in liquefied or compressed form for a variety of purposes, including power generation and transportation, as well as steelmaking, refining, and fertilizer production.

Mitsubishi Power’s Hydaptive hydrogen package, which mixes renewable energy, gas turbines, hydrogen, and other energy storage technologies, will be used in the partnership. DT Midstream will use assets such as interstate and intrastate pipelines, collection systems, and storage systems to provide gas delivery experience. DT Midstream has over 1,000 miles of collection lines and roughly 1,200 miles of transportation pipes connecting supplies to major demand areas.

“With DT Midstream, our objective is to make clean, inexpensive hydrogen broadly available for power generation and other industries,” said David Hunt, Senior Vice President of New Generation Systems Sales and Commercial Operations for Mitsubishi Power Americas. “This relationship will complement the ‘hub and spoke’ hydrogen infrastructure we have been developing with partners across North America.” Mitsubishi Power earlier announced the building of sustainable energy hubs in Utah and North Dakota.

“Mitsubishi Power’s generating equipment and hydrogen project development developments make them a perfect strategic partner for DTM as we continue to grow our low carbon energy transition platform and deliver sustainable energy solutions to consumers,” stated David Slater, President and CEO of DT Midstream. We have an opportunity to partner with Mitsubishi Power to leverage our natural gas infrastructure development knowledge to hydrogen projects as demand for low-carbon energy such as hydrogen grows. We’re excited to bring together our complementary technology and experience to provide clients with clean energy solutions.”

“Our objective at Mitsubishi Power is to deliver power production and energy storage solutions to our clients, enabling them to tackle climate change and increase human development in an affordable and reliable manner,” Hunt continues. We’re leading the way in North America by forming partnerships to create hydrogen clean energy infrastructure. We are bringing about a Power Shift with our partners. Our JDA with DT Midstream, which is our first with a large midstream firm, advances our cause and demonstrates our devotion to our purpose.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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