Villeta green hydrogen and ammonia project FID expected in Q2 2023

According to ATOME Energy, the Villeta green hydrogen and ammonia project will receive a final investment decision in the second quarter of 2023.

ATOME’s worldwide financial advisor, Natixis CIB, has started looking for capital for the facility.

By 2025, the 120 MW Villeta plant in Paraguay hopes to produce a total of 100,000 tonnes of green ammonia. NexantECA, a worldwide energy and chemicals advising firm, has been hired as a market consultant in advance of the FID.

The business also disclosed that the $900,000 contract to buy 75 acres of land for the Villeta project facility has been finalized. The commercial mortgage was granted for the acquisition by Sudameris Bank of Paraguay.

Toyota tests liquid hydrogen car in endurance races

Toyota Motor is committed to the advancement of hydrogen-powered vehicles, and the business plans to test its current liquid hydrogen car in endurance races in 2023 in order to advance the technology.

Toyota believes that by putting the vehicle through endurance races, it will be able to address some of the technology’s problems and enhance the usefulness of the emerging technology. How to maintain liquid hydrogen at -253 degrees Celsius is one of these difficulties.

Because hydrogen may quadruple a car’s mileage when used in liquid form as opposed to gaseous form, the company is concentrating on liquid hydrogen vehicles. This would enable the construction of more compact hydrogen refueling stations.

Additionally, Toyota believes that liquid hydrogen tanks are more practical for passenger cars than gaseous hydrogen tanks because they allow for greater design freedom and are lighter than H2 gas tanks, even though gaseous hydrogen tanks are effective for commercial vehicles.

New member joins Danish Hydrogen Alliance

The Danish Hydrogen Alliance has gained a new member, and now consists of three organisations; DI Energy, the Hydrogen Industry and Dansk Metal. With the accession of Dansk Metal, the Dansk Hydrogen Alliance emphasizes its ambitions to create a strong value chain for hydrogen and Power-to-X in Denmark, which embraces all facets of the industry.

The Danish Hydrogen Alliance is a strategic partnership for the development of the Danish Power-to-X (PtX) and hydrogen industry between a number of Denmark’s most central players. The purpose of the alliance is to create the best possible framework conditions for the development of PtX and green hydrogen in Denmark, as well as to strengthen Denmark’s position as an international leading country in the field.

It is of great importance for the work that Dansk Metal enters the alliance. Now a further part of the green hydrogen and PtX value chain is represented in the alliance’s work, which is a great strength. Dansk Metal brings a strong focus on employment, education and professional skills into the partnership.

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