MPC Container Ships, INERATEC sign hydrogen-based marine diesel deal

A contract for the provision of synthetic Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) generated from biogenic CO2 and renewable hydrogen has been signed between MPC Container Ships and INERATEC. Delivery is expected to begin in 2024.

The maritime sector is making significant efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, and synthetic MDO can easily replace the traditional fossil fuels used by existing boats thanks to its drop-in compatibility. Early industry-wide cooperation between e-fuel suppliers and offtakers is crucial for scaling up production quantities and accelerating decarbonization. With this arrangement, MPC Container Ships begins the transformation of the shipping industry to synthetic diesel that is carbon neutral.

The majority of the sustainable fuel will be manufactured in INERATEC’s pioneer plant in Frankfurt, where the manufacturing phase has already begun. It will deliver up to 3.5 million liters of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), marine Diesel, and synthetic chemicals after the commissioning phase in order to revolutionize industry. Following that, the German clean technology company will take the lead in scaling up e-fuel production at various locations across the world, lowering megatons of CO2 emissions and igniting the transition to a climate-friendly future.

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