MPREIS relies on green hydrogen

With new environmental requirements, the Tyrolean food merchant MPREIS, situated in Völs, makes people sit up and take attention.

In Völs, the company’s own green hydrogen production facility will shortly begin operations, heating not just the company’s own bakery Therese Mölk’s ovens, but also the whole MPREIS truck fleet in the long run. The goal is enormous CO2 reductions, as well as the company’s decarbonization and long-term environmental relief.

In Völs, work on the MPREIS facility for the production of green hydrogen is nearing completion. In the first quarter of 2022, it will be operational. The electrolysis technology will be deployed in the Austrian power grid as part of the EU project ” Demo4Grid ” to provide control energy services. “MPREIS aspires to be the first medium-sized company in Austria to convert its fleet to fuel cell vehicles in the long run,” says Ewald Perwögand, project initiator and head of MPREIS Sustainable Energy Solutions. “The first three new fuel cell trucks will be delivered soon – they will be the first of their kind in regular operation in Austria.” The second quarter of this year will see the completion of our specifically constructed hydrogen filling station, where the cars will be refueled. MPREIS will be able to serve its markets with emissions-free and CO2-neutral products as a result of this.”

MPREIS is collaborating with regional partners on the innovative initiative. In the Green Energy Center in Innsbruck, strategy and project development are carried out in collaboration with the Tyrolean EU project partner FEN Systems. For the purchasing of power and the electrical grid, we work with TIWAG/TINETZ. For the technical execution, the firm ILF from Rum was contacted, and the electrolysis technology was provided by Sunfire Switzerland.

Before the groundbreaking ceremony for Europe’s biggest single-stack electrolysis plant for the generation of green hydrogen in Völs near Innsbruck in March 2020, research and development has been carried out, and permissions and finance have been obtained. The plant’s total investment is 13 million euros. The European Commission, as well as the Austrian and Swiss federal governments, provide financial support. As part of the goal to create Tyrol as an Austria-wide center for hydrogen technology, the state of Tyrol also supports MPREIS.

MPREIS has been working on a project aimed at creating green hydrogen since 2016. In March 2020, the MPREIS Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) branch, which was founded by project creator Ewald Perwög, reached its first major milestone: MPREIS displayed dedication and leadership in the field of sustainable management with the groundbreaking ceremony for Europe’s biggest single-stack electrolysis plant for the generation of green hydrogen. The facility at the MPREIS manufacturing site in Völs near Innsbruck will start-up in the spring of 2022.

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