MPREIS to cut CO2 emissions with electrolyzer from Sunfire

The largest single-stack electrolyzer in Europe, from Sunfire, has gone into operation for food retailer MPREIS.

MPREIS, an Austrian food retailer, plans to use green hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of thousands of tons. For this, Sunfire has installed Europe’s largest single-stack electrolyzer.

The Demo4Grid project has set new sustainability standards for MPREIS’s decarbonization strategy by substituting green hydrogen for natural gas and diesel.

Basis of the system: a Sunfire pressurized alkaline electrolyzer from Germany. The plant converts water into hydrogen and oxygen at a rate of 3.2 MW. Pressure is maintained at 30 bar throughout the process. Using renewable energy to power the electrolyzer, the hydrogen production process is completely carbon neutral.

The EU’s climate goals are also helped by hydrogen initiatives like this one. MPREIS is the first mid-sized Austrian company to use green hydrogen in its quest for climate neutrality. There is a total investment of EUR 13 million in the new Völs plant.

The EU’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership and the Swiss government provided half of this funding.

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