New agreement to enable Patagonia to get hydrogen plan

In order to create a hydrogen plan for Patagonia with the assistance of the other provinces in the area, Governor Gustavo Melella and General Secretary of the Federal Investment Council, Ignacio Lamothe, signed an agreement.

The Federal Investment Council will provide technical and financial assistance for the development of studies and planning processes for investment projects in low-carbon hydrogen, promoting and articulating discussions and studies of their socio-environmental risks that allow defining the uses and scale of the projects. The initiative is focused on the planning of provincial and regional investments.

The plan “proposes to face a job of unification of all the data that is already available, of all the investigations, as well as of the environmental and social norms,” according to Governor Gustavo Melella. Finding the right balance between the environment and production is crucial since these are significant investments that affect not only the province but the all of Patagonia.

The “Patagonia Hydrogen Plan” is “extremely essential,” according to the governor, because it encompasses the entire area.

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