New green hydrogen project in Canada on the horizon

For the purpose of creating a green hydrogen project in Canada, Charbone inked an MOU with the Port of Baie-Comeau and the City of Baie-Comeau.

The project entails the installation of Charbone’s green hydrogen generation and distribution systems with an initial capacity of at least 0.5 MW in the Baie- Comeau industrial port zone. The City also has its own electrical distribution network, which will make it easier to incorporate a modular plant with the potential for capacity increase and export outside the region.

The parties expect the Final Agreement to place primary emphasis on the development of a regional infrastructure for the generation, distribution, and consumption of green hydrogen, further solidifying the Port of Baie-Comeau and the City of Baie-standing Comeau’s as forerunners and industry leaders in the deployment of this cutting-edge energy source in the maritime and industrial sectors.

Together with Charbone, the City of Baie-Comeau and the Port of Baie-Comeau will host meetings with local businesses to analyze their current and future decarbonization needs. These discussions will also include representatives from the provincial and federal governments and the academic community.

For green hydrogen generation in Canada, the Port of Baie-Comeau and its industrial-port zone aim to be key nodes. The port’s hope is that by entering into this agreement, the North Shore’s energy demands may be met while also stimulating the development of a new, environmentally friendly industrial sector.