New online tool for calculating carbon footprint of hydrogen

Organizations can use, an online calculator created by Syzygy Plasmonics, to determine the levelized cost of production and the carbon intensity of hydrogen.

This free, opensource calculator serves as the initial stage in the user’s journey from project conception to project implementation by allowing users to swiftly evaluate various hydrogen production methods. It streamlines early analysis of hydrogen production plants and focuses on cradle-to-gate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The effects of the tax credits on project economics and viability are being aggressively sought for by new and existing hydrogen producers, users, and project developers. The official model that will be used to determine if a project is eligible for a tax credit is the Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies (GREET) Model from the Argonne National Laboratory. However, going through that process requires a lot of work and time. A simple method for quickly evaluating various technological options is required by interested parties in order to help direct resource allocation for new initiatives and businesses.

A simple tool from can calculate project costs and GHG emissions in as little as 60 seconds. Organizations may rapidly decide which initiatives are advantageous and whether they should commit to complete project analysis using the GREET Model by using the carbon intensity and cost estimates from’s current design places a special emphasis on hydrogen production. The addition of cost and carbon footprint calculations for the production of ammonia, e-fuels, and other essential chemicals is planned for the future.