Norway launches hydrogen powered shore-based energy solution

The maritime industry now has access to hydrogen-based shore power thanks to a collaboration between PSW Power & Automation, Westgass Hydrogen, CCB, and H2 Production.

This week, the Equinor-chartered Havila Foresight participated in a pilot of the technology developed by PSW at CCB’s shipyard in gotnes.

Supply ships, cruise ships, oil rigs, and aquaculture facilities can all benefit from PSW’s technology because it can handle their massive data loads. By using clean hydrogen as fuel, fuel cell generators may produce significant amounts of electricity that can either be added to or consumed independently of the local power system.

Diesel generators used by platform supply vessels, cruise ships, drilling rigs, and fish farms can require as much energy as 400 to 500 average American households. Even though connecting to onshore electricity upon arrival at ports and shipyards is a preferred method of reducing emissions, CCB is having trouble keeping up with demand because of energy grid capacity constraints.

The complete infrastructure for this pilot project in Norway was provided by Westgass, which also provided the clean hydrogen that was used in it.

H2 Production’s ygarden energy park is the source for Gotnes. The liquefied CO2 terminal, part of the 80% Norwegian-funded Longship project, has spawned a number of related businesses.

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