Norwegian Hydrogen and H2X Global work on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Norwegian Hydrogen and H2X Global have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on a variety of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the commercial delivery of hydrogen.

In order to facilitate the switch to hydrogen, the new partnership will concentrate on the Nordic region, where the firms will establish a common framework for fleet operators based at adjacent Norwegian Hydrogen facilities.

The alliance plans to provide clients with the supply and after-sales of automobiles, as well as the production and acquisition of green hydrogen, distribution, and hydrogen refueling stations.

The Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub in Norway, which was unveiled in 2019, is one of Norwegian Hydrogen’s pilot projects. According to the corporation, using the 14 tonnes of hydrogen produced each day to reduce emissions in the transportation industry would save 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year. This would enable more than 9 million km of annual heavy road travel free from emissions.

In order to develop a Nordic-wide network of hydrogen refueling stations, Norway Hydrogen also announced a cooperation with the US-based FirstElement Fuel and the Japanese company Mitsui. This agreement will help accelerate the implementation.

To assist the manufacture of vehicles for the Northern European regions, the first vehicles are expected to be introduced at the end of 2023 and all vehicles operational by 2025.

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