NRI and KORE Power launch NOMAD

Image: Northern Reliability

Northern Reliability (NRI) and KORE Power have launched a joint venture company, Nomad Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) to provide the first utility-scale mobile energy storage systems.

The company will offer “plug-and-play” battery energy storage systems integrated into a specially designed and patent-pending mobile ESS and docking system. The PowerDockTM platform is designed to provide customers in multiple industry segments with a flexible, reliable, and affordable way to incorporate storage for their varying use cases. This technology offers an alternative to traditional fixed-site storage solutions and what can be expensive startup costs which are concerns some have contended with in the past.

“The future of energy storage is mobile. We’re ecstatic to offer customers a flexible, reliable, simple, and safe energy storage solution that can easily move to meet their needs in real time, and then move away eliminating all the carrying costs of traditional solutions. With the world’s increasing energy demands, an influx of green energy generation, and increasingly severe impacts of climate change, the need for an adaptive storage technology like NOMAD has never been greater.”

Jay Bellows, CEO of Norther Reliability.

The full fleet will be available to customers in 2021 in 3 models: 2MWh, 1MWh, and 600kWh of energy with variable power output levels available to end-users up to a maximum 1MW AC. The mobile units, when paired with the patent-pending PowerDock system for easy connection/ disconnection, setup, upkeep, and secure control of the systems, allow the fleet to arrive on-site in a completely weather-tight enclosure with all wires contained within its unique interconnection system. All NOMAD systems share a common interconnection design allowing a single NOMAD unit to be used at any customer location and allowing the single unit platform to be expanded with more PowerDocks to accommodate large power needs without limitation.

“KORE and NRI share a desire to proliferate national renewable energy adoption through solutions provided by U.S. companies. As strategic partners, we’ve collaborated on multiple projects over the past year with the NRI team, and we’re excited to come together in this new capacity to give customers the solutions they need to make the transition to clean energy.”

Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power.

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