NTI Fund and H2 Invest collaborate on development of hydrogen

The National Technology Initiative Fund (NTI Fund) and H2 Invest, a subsidiary of the Gazprombank Group, have agreed to collaborate on the research and development of hydrogen technologies.

The parties are discussing the possibility of joint financing / investment in hydrogen projects, with an eye toward the eventual commercialization of promising initiatives, and intend to work out the issue of creating a joint venture investment fund with a focus on the development of promising domestic hydrogen technologies.

While meeting with the heads of advanced engineering schools and their industrial partners – participants in the Advanced Engineering Schools project – last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked that hydrogen is an inexhaustible source of energy and will definitely be in demand, neither wind nor solar can compare to it. energy.

Despite shifts in the global energy system, H2 Invest’s general director argued that hydrogen technologies represent the future of the energy industry and that domestic hydrogen advancements are crucial to ensuring the safety and autonomy of the country’s energy supply.

Together, the Gazprombank Group’s industrial assets and the NTI Foundation’s expertise will usher in a new era in the usage of hydrogen and the financing of cutting-edge technological advances.