Nuvera sells two E-60 Fuel Cell Engines to Nexus Energy

Nexus Energy has purchased two Nuvera E-60 fuel cell engines from Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC. Nexus Energy is creating modular zero-emission solutions for on- and offshore applications.

In order to provide a common modular power pack for maritime and on-shore use, for both stationary and heavy-duty applications, Nexus Energy will utilize the 60 kW hydrogen fuel cell engines.

In the maritime industry, which is particularly challenging to decarbonize, fuel cells are a highly appealing alternative, according to Santiago Bresani, Nuvera’s head of sales and business development in Europe. “Hydrogen is a clean alternative to gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines and may supply either primary propulsion or auxiliary power to vessels of any class—large or little, commercial or recreational.” Fuel cells use hydrogen to create electricity.

As the industry converts to zero-emission operation, fuel cells are emerging as a practical solution for maritime applications. According to Wouter Guijt, co-founder of Nexus Energy, “the use of hydrogen fuel cells eliminates exhaust pollutants and minimizes vibration, noise, and environmental expenses associated with diesel-powered vessels.” Battery electric boats frequently do not fit the operational profile and do not have the required range or charging choices. We are thrilled to collaborate with Nuvera to spread the operational and financial advantages of high-performance fuel cell technology to the heavy-duty and maritime industries.

By offering high-performance zero-emission power solutions powered by pure hydrogen, Nuvera fuel cell engines assist maritime vessel and equipment manufacturers in complying with tighter emissions standards and mandates and remaining commercially viable. The International Maritime Organization wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2050. Many governments and maritime industry participants think that aiming for 100% is the right objective.

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