Officials visit Rio Negro hydrogen project


The agenda of the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and Governor Arabela Carreras visited INVAP. They were received by managers, scientists, technologists and workers.

They sought to create close ties and lasting synergy between the Australian hydrogen technology pioneer and the robust national innovation system.

Minister Matías Kukfas pointed out that “the impression we have left is excellent. We were able to take the first concrete steps of this Green Hydrogen project of the Fortescue company. It was a tour of all the options and potential that the province of Río Negro offers” .

He explained that “first we were in Viedma, where the governor generated all the authorizations to start the measurement studies. Then we went through Sierra Grande. There, in short, the industrial plant will be located, which is the last section prior to shipment in the Port. We closed today in Bariloche so that the company could also make contact with the Technological Scientific Pole, which is very important. We already know everything that Invap has generated in Argentina and in the world. And also the Atomic Center. I think it is a tour which talks about how to value all the enormous potential that this productive and technological reality of Río Negro has “

Asked about what was the return of the people of the Australian firm after the different activities carried out at this time in Río Negro, Governor Arabela Carreras said that “it was very positive. It has been a year that the three parties have been making contact. I am referring to the national state, the provincial state and the company. We come in permanent dialogue. We have been building a suitable proposal for the interests of the people of Rio Negro and the interests of the country. “

Carreras added that “today we have overcome a series of barriers and we are being one of the first projects in the world to achieve investments. This speaks of a very good joint work of the different levels of the State. And it also speaks of an extraordinary capacity installed in Río Negro in scientific and technological matters. Therefore, we were in a position to take advantage of this opportunity. “

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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