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KP Engineering, LP (KPE), a market leader in the design and implementation of tailored engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions for the refining, syngas, hydrogen, and renewable fuels industries, has entered into a collaborative agreement with OMNI Conversion Technologies Inc. (OMNI).

OMNI is a Canadian firm dedicated to providing clean, green energy through the conversion of energetic waste into OmniSyngasTM and OmniRockTM. The agreement will enable the companies to provide equipment and technology for producing hydrogen from waste with a zero-carbon footprint at a cost less than half that of electrolysis.

As a result of the long-standing mutually beneficial collaboration between KPE and OMNI, the new agreement formalizes the relationship and offers potential customers a one-stop shopping experience. KPE and OMNI will collaborate on the commercialization of OMNI’s proprietary technology. They will work in close collaboration to develop an integrated modular solution capable of converting a wide variety of minimally pretreated wastes to hydrogen while also capturing CO2 for future use or sequestration. Biomass-fueled projects will be excluded from the agreement’s scope.

William E. Preston, president and chief operating officer, KP Engineering, said, “The partnership between KPE as an industry-leading EPC with a ground-breaking technology provider such as OMNI embodies the type of collaboration that will bring green hydrogen to fruition. This agreement solidifies an already highly efficient working relationship between KPE and OMNI, and will bring to market a cost-effective, zero- and even negative-carbon emission option for producing green hydrogen.”

Marc Bacon, president and chief operating officer, OMNI, said “This agreement formalizes the close relationship OMNI enjoys with KPE. It provides seamless integration of OMNI’s GPRSTM units, developed over more than a decade at a cost of over US$400 million, with downstream unit operations by KPE to convert the syngas to hydrogen. We are thrilled to work with KPE in the new circular economy to reduce methane emissions from municipal solid waste (MSW) and other wastes by providing a one-stop, low-cost, and low-risk solution.”

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