Open Hydrogen Initiative welcomes Shell and Breakthrough Energy

The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI), which aims to create carbon intensity assessment tools for hydrogen, has welcomed new participants to its cohort, including Shell and the Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy.

The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI), which was established in February 2022 by GTI Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights, and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), aims to help uncover hydrogen’s potential as a significant driver of energy transitions.

EQT, National Grid, Shell, ExxonMobil, Dominion Energy, LanzaTech, Equinor, BlackHills Corporation, Nicor Gas, NYSEG, Oklahoma Natural Gas, Duke Energy, DTE, and Southwest Gas Corporation are now among the collaboration’s industrial participants.

Organizations like the Clean Air Task Force, Queen Mary University of London, Columbia University, Breakthrough Energy, Bipartisan Policy Center, Centre for Houston’s Future, Government of Alberta, Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance, Operations Technology Development (OTD), Evergreen Climate Innovations, and Hydrogen Forward are among the non-profit, academic, and observer partners.

The creation of OHI’s measuring toolbox is progressing, and within the next 16 months, demonstration projects should begin.