Oracle Power moves forward with hydrogen production plant in Pakistan


Oracle Power has provided an update on the company’s plans to build a green hydrogen production facility in Pakistan in collaboration with PowerChina International.

PowerChina has completed a preliminary technical study to establish key technical and commercial contours for the delivery of a facility in Pakistan to produce hydrogen with electrolysers powered by photovoltaics and wind energy.

The company intends to build a 400MW hydrogen plant with a daily hydrogen production capacity of approximately 150,000kg. Negotiations with the provincial government are underway to determine the necessary infrastructure in the province of Sindh.

Naheed Memon, CEO of Oracle, commented:

“Green hydrogen has quickly become part of the shared lexicon of the international community as we collectively look to transition to a carbon neutral future.  In the relatively short space of time since Oracle signed its co-operation agreement with PowerChina, there has been a sizeable uptick in the adoption of green hydrogen projects internationally from Australia, Egypt, Namibia, the UAE to the UK.  This is clearly a movement which is gaining momentum and support and Oracle, together with our partners at PowerChina, are uniquely positioned to bring this technology to Pakistan.

“The preliminary technical study, completed by PowerChina, has now established the key technical and commercial contours for the delivery of a hydrogen production facility, powered by photovoltaics and wind energy, to provide domestically generated fuel for Pakistan and neighbouring countries.  We are now working to refine the various commercial frameworks through which to advance this project and we will report back on progress over the coming weeks and months.  Importantly, green hydrogen has already been prioritised as a ‘Global Goal’ by the Government and Sindh and I feel privileged to be leading a presentation on the topic at the Expo 2020 in Dubai on 14 December.

“Green hydrogen has captured the attention of investors, government agencies and blue-chip energy suppliers and I am honoured to have a metaphorical seat at the table as we look to the transform the landscape for clean energy production with this revolutionary technology.”

Anela Dokso

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