Pakistan has huge possibility to export hydrogen to Germany

Due to its plentiful natural resources and ideal production environment, according to Alfred Grannas, the German ambassador to Pakistan, Pakistan has a huge possibility to export hydrogen in the future.

The environment is harmed by the use of fossil fuels for industrial purposes. As the world develops, industries are switching to a greener method. According to reports, Pakistan will export $391k worth of hydrogen in 2020, ranking 88th among all exporters of the fuel. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the export of hydrogen to industrial customers.

Some of the projects are already in the works, such the Jhimpir Sindh Wind Corridor. A sizable wind park is being constructed according to a rather specific plan.

Germany will supply the technology, and feasibility studies are currently being done. Germany’s industrial sector has a large demand for green hydrogen and is therefore particularly interested. The construction of a Volkswagen AG vehicle assembly factory is another ongoing project that is dependent on Pakistan’s economic situation.

About 40 German businesses operate in Pakistan and have been doing so for a while. Well-established businesses like Siemens are adept at operating in and navigating the local market. Siemens exports its products to various nations from its industrial facility in Karachi.

One of Pakistan’s most significant export markets is Germany. The regrettable fact that Pakistan’s relevance derives more from its geographic location than from its inherent qualities or economic power struck me as unfortunate.

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