Panama works to make Latin America green hydrogen hub

Panama aspires to become a storage and commercialization node of green hydrogen, and the region of Latin America with the world’s greatest penetration of renewable energies in its electrical output is ripe for such a development.

Panama is attempting to strike a balance between energy security, accessibility, and prices for its inhabitants throughout an energy transition that is “aligned” with the decarbonization objectives.

For green hydrogen made in the Latin American region, Panama is planning to become a node or “storage, marketing, transformation hub.” As a “particularly essential channel for aiding decarbonisation,” green hydrogen has gained prominence in recent years.

Large sums of money are riding on Latin America’s ability to become a major global provider of this energy.

Energy security and the necessity for continued innovation in this area are under the microscope in the current international climate, which has been shaped by the war produced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.