Patagonia to become green hydrogen hotspot in Argentina

Patagonia, in Argentina, has a lot of potential for developing hydrogen energy due to its abundance of wind energy resources.

Particularly in the provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz, the quality of wind energy is 65% higher than in affluent nations like Germany.

The mining investment bill will be modeled after the development of tax incentives for hydrogen energy for up to 30 years, according to the report, which quotes Argentine Economy Minister Felipe Massa as saying recently that the government will submit the “hydrogen energy development bill” to the National Assembly in order to keep the industry attractive for investment.

Together with the province of Tierra del Fuego, MMEX Resources will construct a green hydrogen project that might yield 55 tonnes of the green fuel. Wind power in South America could be a significant development in the upcoming years as several nations search for major players in renewable energy.

This excess energy might be sold to neighbors or even transformed into green hydrogen thanks to Argentina’s prospective wind market. Argentina would benefit financially from this as well as become a significant exporter of hydrogen, securing its future.