Pemex wants to use the Madero refinery’s hydrogen facility

The hydrogen plant of the Francisco I. Madero refinery, which Enrique Pea Nieto sold for $32.5 million to German business Linde in 2018, will be recovered by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Pemex’s infrastructure was dismantled through a cooperation with Linde, who supplied hydrogen.

Linde agreed to operate a 42-million-cubic-foot-per-day facility at the Francisco I. Madero Refinery. The state’s productive firm would provide the entire operational structure.

Potential hydrogen suppliers to the Cadereyta and Madero refineries evaluated technical and economic bids at the end of 2017.

Both operations might earn Pemex 134 million dollars directly. Pemex signed a 20-year agreement with Air Liquide in February 2017 to supply hydrogen to the Miguel Hidalgo refinery in Tula.

At the Madero refinery, the purchase-sale of the hydrogen generating facility based on natural gas and steam, U-801, stipulated that Pemex would provide the German transnational unfettered use of the land, but not its fruits and accessions.

The deal allows for uninterrupted and peaceful access to the land and common areas of the refinery for 20 years, renewable while the supply contract is in effect.

Pemex said that Linde was paid 27 million dollars for rent in 2021; if he continued the contract for 15 years, he would have received 146 million dollars.

Pemex director Octavio Romero Oropeza said they are renegotiating the plant’s purchase to prevent wasting public resources.