Plans for UK’s largest green hydrogen plant near Salford and Trafford

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On the border of Trafford and Salford, proposals have been submitted for a new green hydrogen manufacturing facility and a warehousing and storage unit.

In addition to the green hydrogen production facility in the quarry to the north, Peel NRE Limited may construct a 19,000sqm industrial warehouse and storage facility on land west of Manchester Road if planning permission was obtained.

Trafford Green Hydrogen Ltd.’s application for the largest hydrogen production facility in the United Kingdom would use renewable energy to manufacture green hydrogen fuel for transportation and heating. It is hoped that this facility would assist the government in reaching its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

“This is a technique that employs electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen,” stated Trafford Green Hydrogen’s planning request.

“The hydrogen will be carried by road tanker to Greater Manchester customers.” Because it utilizes renewable electrical energy, the technique is classified as a low-carbon generating.

“In addition to electrolyzer technology, the facility will contain battery storage, compressors, hydrogen storage, and tanker loading facilities. The initial facility, pending completion of all planning, will consist of a first stage with a 10MW capacity that would create around four tonnes of hydrogen per day at full production.”

The expected annual generation of hydrogen is one thousand tonnes. Hydrogen storage facilities would form part of future expansion.

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