Plastic Omnium builds the largest tank factory in Europe

A hydrogen tank manufacturing facility is being built in Compiègne, according to a recent announcement by Plastic Omnium. It will be put into operation in 2025 and have a yearly manufacturing capacity of 80,000 tanks. Elisabeth Borne, the prime minister, went to Plastic Omnium.

public investment for the whole French hydrogen sector, including 74 million euros to develop the hydrogen operations of the Plastic Omnium Group, was announced by’s -Alphatech Research and Development Center.

The firm then announced the construction of a new plant, welcoming the government’s decision to promote the hydrogen industry. This should result in the creation of 200 new employees in Compiègne, where the Group will continue its R&D work in the research center.

According to Laurent Favre, managing director of Plastic Omnium, “These announcements are a major step in our ambition to become the world leader in hydrogen mobility by 2030 and the preferred partner of players in this sector, at the service of the profound transformation of our industry towards carbon-free mobility.”

The Group also disclosed the signing of two contracts for the design and manufacturing of 700 bar hydrogen tank modules for utility vehicles with Stellantis and HYVIA.

Plastic Omnium wants to invest an average of €100 million annually and has already committed more than €300 million since 2015 to expand its knowledge and industrial presence across the whole hydrogen value chain.

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