Plug and Olin start development of 15-ton per day hydrogen plant

Plug Power and Olin Corporation established a joint venture in order to start with the development of a 15-ton per day hydrogen plant in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

The two companies’ new venture, Hidrogenii, will promote green hydrogen supply dependability and speed to market across North America, laying the groundwork for further cooperation.

The cooperation unites Olin, North America’s largest producer of electrolytic hydrogen, and Plug, the organization responsible for the end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem. Olin will supply dependable hydrogen supplies and operational know-how, while Plug will be the joint venture’s exclusive marketer and provide logistical assistance for deliveries.

State and local governments will provide tax breaks to the factory. 160 jobs will be created by the plant’s development in 2022, and 215 jobs in 2023. After that, it’s anticipated that the plant would add more than 25 full-time, permanent employment to Louisiana.

The Louisiana plant is the latest addition to Plug’s expanding nationwide network of hydrogen facilities, which also includes those under planned or construction in New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and California. According to Plug, 500 tons of liquid green hydrogen will be produced every day by 2025, preventing 4.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted in North America. Plug anticipates producing 1,000 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen by 2028.