Pnrr gives €25M for the construction of a hydrogen plant

25 million euro financing for the construction of a hydrogen production facility in Abruzzo inside industrial and abandoned lands as part of the 500 million euro National Recovery and Resilience Plan RFP from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

“The first facility that will generate green hydrogen with a capacity ranging from 1 to 10 MW will be constructed in Abruzzo. This is a significant boost to the local economy for the several businesses that would see lower energy prices, particularly for methane, and it is a major driver of employment across the entire region “.

Therefore, Nicola Campitelli, the regional councilor for energy, on the growth of eco-sustainability. The Region just got 63 million euros in PNRR in this regard.

“To transition from a linear to a circular economy model—which is more effective and vital for addressing climate change—our region has put forth a number of projects and is among the most financially supported in Italy. In relation to this, Campitelli said, “We have brought in roughly 100 million euros to improve Abruzzo.” Good center-right government is characterized by pragmatism and practical ideas “.