Pohang to create hydrogen city

To lay the groundwork for an environmentally friendly hydrogen energy industrial metropolis, Gyeongbuk Pohang City has committed to vigorously promoting the hydrogen city project.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has awarded the city 1 billion won as part of the “2023 hydrogen city assistance project.”

Hydrogen City is a demonstration project that uses hydrogen as an energy source in the housing and transportation sectors—the backbone of urban life—to showcase technologies like fuel cells, hydrogen charging stations, hydrogen electric vehicles, and integrated operation platforms.

There will be a total investment of 41.6 billion won (20 billion won from the state budget, 6 billion won from the provincial budget, 14 billion won from the municipal budget, and 1.6 billion won from the private investment) to create a master plan and construct a hydrogen pipeline network (15.4 km) by 2026, along with a residential model, transportation model, and infrastructure model.

To begin, in 2023, the fundamental and specific blueprints for the hydrogen pipeline system will be laid out together with the development of a master plan (MP) for the hydrogen metropolis.

The city plans to develop a hydrogen fuel cell technical support center and lure 30 fuel cell-related businesses to the cluster it will build in the Pohang Blue Valley National Industrial Complex.

The city’s goal is to build a hydrogen city and hydrogen fuel cell cluster to facilitate the establishment of a hydrogen energy sector that is also environmentally beneficial.