Polenergia gets funding for green hydrogen project

NCRD, an agency of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, will fund Polenergia’s R&D project ‘H2 HUB Nowa Sarzyna: Green Hydrogen Storage’

The grant may total 95 million zotych, according to the agreement (almost 20 million euros). Polenergia, Poland’s largest private energy firm, is leading the project partnership. Electrociepownia Nowa Sarzyna and Wrocaw University of Technology are partners.

H2 HUB Nowa Sarzyna: Green Hydrogen Storage aims to employ green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water powered by renewable energy, to manufacture renewable aviation fuel. Accelerating renewable aviation fuel production would cut aviation greenhouse gas emissions without building new infrastructure, fuel bases, or aircraft designs.

Polenergia was one of six teams funded by the National Centre for Research and Development to undertake innovative energy initiatives in spring 2022.

The project will be implemented in three parts. The consortium and NCBR will analyze each stage’s outcomes and decide whether to move forward.

First, a feasibility study is created. The inked deal gives an approximately 100,000 zotych subsidy for this phase of the project, half of the planned outlay. The NCBiR grant for H2HUB is 95 million zotych (almost 20 million euros).

Hydrogen’s low energy density compared to traditional fuels is a future adaption difficulty. Hydrogen must be kept in modern, high-pressure containers. Converting hydrogen to liquid fuels is another storage option.