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The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) is committed to renewable energy, including hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol, as it responds to the worldwide push to decarbonize the transportation industry.

Greenfield Global, a Colorado-based biofuel manufacturer, struck a partnership and development agreement with June 10. Since dockside shore power was established in 2017, green hydrogen development would allow maritime sector customers to have indirect shore-side electrical power.

To bring greater diversity and innovation to the energy transition, the Montreal Port Authority and Greenfield partnered to share resources. Green hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol are front and center in the agreed collaboration and development agreement.

A working group has been created to oversee the development and implementation of these new energy solutions, as well as those of MPA partners and the marine sector.

80% of the world’s products, including 3% of global emissions, are carried via commercial shipping. The IMO has set a goal to reduce CO2 emissions caused by commercial shipping by half by the year 2050.

By attaining the highest level (5) across all environmental matters, the Port of Montreal is continuing its shift to clean technologies and low-carbon fuels.

Recently, the Port of Montreal has taken a number of steps to minimize GHG emissions. Specifically, it has rolled out 20 shore power connection points for wintering and cruise ships, a fleet of fully hybrid service cars, an LNG refuelling system, and next-generation low-GHG emitting locomotives. Its measures and those of its partners, who have been obligated to comply with environmental terms in their leases since 1993, have enabled the MPA to cut the MPA’s own GHG emissions by 25% and intensity of MPA’s own GHG emissions by 22% between 2007 and 2017.

“Developing low-carbon fuels is the way of the future for the transportation industry. The Port of Montreal wants to position itself among the forerunners and strengthen its position as a leader on the St. Lawrence in terms of sustainable development. Our trade objectives are integral to our sustainable development objectives, and we firmly believe that this alignment will help boost the competitiveness of the St. Lawrence”, said Martin Imbleau, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Port Authority.

“As the leading producer of low-carbon transportation fuel in Quebec, we are excited to partner with the Port of Montreal to develop and commercialize green hydrogen and green methanol solutions for the maritime industry. Greenfield recognizes the importance of implementing biofuels for commercial shipping in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plans to play an important role in helping the maritime transportation industry reach its sustainability goals”, said Howard Field, CEO, Greenfield Global.

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