Port of Rotterdam to host Battolyser’s 1 gigawatt green hydrogen factory

To fulfill rising demand for green hydrogen and electricity storage, the world’s first large-scale Battolyser factory will be built near the Port of Rotterdam.

The 1 GW per year Battolyser factory will be built in the M4H region of Rotterdam, an industrial sector in the city’s centre. The development of the 14,000 m2 industrial site, including new office and laboratory facilities, is projected to cost around €100 million. Once fully operating, it will require 700 direct employees and up to four times that number of indirect jobs through supply chain partners.

Germany and the Netherlands are currently Europe’s first and second largest hydrogen consumers. Both have gigatonne-scale plans for green hydrogen that will be consumed in or pass via Rotterdam’s port.

The plant, which will also serve as Battolyser Systems’ headquarters and R&D center, is scheduled to open in the second half of 2024. A final investment decision is expected next year, and international competition will necessitate both private and governmental investments.

When power prices are low, a Battolyser can manufacture hydrogen from solar and wind power and provide electricity to the grid when prices are high. It has the potential to reduce grid congestion, allow for the expansion of more solar and wind energy plants, and provide the most affordable green hydrogen.