Port of Seville to use renewable hydrogen to make green ammonia

Following Armonia Green Sevilla’s request for an administrative concession to construct and commission a green ammonia processing and dispatch facility fueled by renewable hydrogen in the Torrecuéllar Industrial Estate, APS has initiated the project competition process.

The concession area takes up a sizable chunk of the port’s overall public square footage. As part of the project, a new cargo terminal will be constructed for maritime export from the Port of Seville.

This study will lead to environmentally acceptable methods of converting hydrogen into ammonia by using renewable energy sources. The final product has applications in the fields of fertilizer production, energy storage, and transmission.

The first commercial hydrogen plant in Seville will be built by the Andalusian company Alener Solar, which will be located in the city’s Port. In the summer of 2023, we want to officially open our doors.