Ports of Halifax and Hamburg team up on hydrogen use

The shipping route connecting Hamburg, on Germany’s northwest coast, and Halifax, on Canada’s east coast, is being decarbonized by the Halifax Port Authority and Hamburg Port Authority.

Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority, and Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Hamburg, which is now in effect between the two port authorities.

This partnership focuses on port infrastructure for bunkering as well as the import and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives through the ports of Halifax and Hamburg. To increase the use of green energy on the corridor, the agreement will encourage cooperation between value chain partners, shipping lines, and other stakeholders.

The businesses will advocate for coordinated regulatory actions, financial incentives, and safety requirements, as well as collaborate with local communities, in order to create favorable conditions for decarbonization. Another goal of the cooperation is to facilitate the acceleration of decarbonization along this route by sharing knowledge and technology and creating industrial contacts.

In addition to advancing renewable hydrogen technologies and the global energy transition, the two ports also seek to support bilateral cooperation in the hydrogen economy, make it easier for Canadian businesses to sell their products in Germany, and give German businesses the chance to invest in Canada’s expanding manufacturing capacity.