Ports of Stockholm opens hydrogen fueling station for trucks

Ports of Stockholm is investing in hydrogen and initiating the procurement process for a hydrogen fueling station at Stockholm Norvik Port.

Hydrogen fuel contributes to the environmental goal of eliminating fossil fuels from truck operations by 2025.

Ports of Stockholm is initiating the procurement procedure for a hydrogen fueling station in order to recharge the work vehicles at Stockholm Norvik Port. The acquisition will involve delivery and management of a station for refueling automobiles with hydrogen, as well as a hydrogen distribution deal.

“Hydrogen will play a crucial role in converting to fossil fuel-free transport, both on land and at sea. This hydrogen fueling station is part of converting our work vehicles to run on hydrogen and is the first step towards achieving Ports of Stockholm’s goal for our work vehicles to operate fossil fuel-free by 2025,” says Johan Wallén, CCO Ports of Stockholm.

The agreement is anticipated to be in effect by January 2023 at the latest. Investments in hydrogen contribute to the Ports of Stockholm’s sustainability objective of operating without fossil fuels by 2030.

Ports of Stockholm is committed to the long-term and strategic sustainability of port operations and shipping, and has established ambitious environmental goals. The Ports of Stockholm have received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental certifications. This indicates that the organization operates in a planned and methodical manner to promote continuous improvement and reduce environmental consequences. The company also reports on sustainability using GRI Standards at the Core level.