POSCO E&C works on EPC capabilities for energy, hydrogen and batteries

In spite of the challenging environment, POSCO E&C achieved its export and sales goals last year. This year, however, the company intends to concentrate on securing stable liquidity and bolstering new growth businesses due to growing concerns that the construction industry will experience a crisis of a “perfect storm.”

This year, POSCO E&C intends to acquire EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) capabilities for energy, hydrogen, and backup batteries.

By encouraging green remodeling of office and residential buildings and persistently securing high-rise modular technologies, POSCO E&C is taking the lead in growing the use of environmentally friendly construction and steel materials.

Additionally, it intends to aggressively support convergence initiatives like the development of industrial facilities connected to infrastructure for transportation and offshore wind power generation where facilities and infrastructure work together. To do this, POSCO E&C will provide safety management staff with an outstanding level of training and a system that anticipates dangers and uses “Smart Safety” to prevent them before they occur.

Additionally, in the short term, it plans to make efforts to get through the crisis in order to survive while maintaining a solid financial structure and improving the profit structure. Long-term, the business will keep securing important professionals who will drive changes in the construction sector and strengthen our competitiveness through “Smart Construction Technology.”

Additionally, POSCO welcomed Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan to Seoul to discuss investment collaboration in hydrogen and core minerals.

Additionally, he saw “POSCO hydrogen world” and spoke with Jeong-woo Choi, CEO of the POSCO Group. Catherine Raper, the Australian ambassador to Korea, accompanied the visit.

After the exhibit, Premier Mark McGowan and his party met with POSCO Group to discuss ways to work together in the clean hydrogen/green steel and secondary battery material industries. They also shared the status and strategy of developing clean hydrogen/green steel and core minerals in Western Australia.

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