Poseidon Marine H2 delivers a proof of concept of diesel & hydrogen dual-fuel maritime tech

poseidon marine h2
poseidon marine h2

Avesta Consulting has been hired by Australia-based Poseidon Maritime H2’s technical partner Dynamic Efficiency to carry out a finite element study of their adaptable marine technology, which will enable boats to run on a variety of fuels, including hydrogen and diesel. Avesta Consulting expects to produce the outcomes in the next six to eight weeks after starting work on the project.

A proprietary marine technology being developed by Poseidon Marine H2 will enable boats to run on both hydrogen and diesel fuel.

The finite element study, which is scheduled to be finished in August 2022, will provide a computerized model that forecasts how the technology will respond to hydrodynamic loads, impact forces, and other actual physical consequences.

If the testing goes well, Poseidon Marine H2 will be able to:

  • Possess a provisional patent.
  • Make the product subject to insurance underwriting
  • Obtain independent confirmation of the proof of concept.
  • Make that the item complies with and/or exceeds applicable manufacturing and compliance requirements.

“Once we obtain a provisional patent and the insurance certification, we will start looking to establish offtake arrangements with significant boat manufacturers. These components will be a key selling point for us in these talks, coupled with independent validation of our technology from renowned firms in the sector.” Peter Mastalir, Principal Engineer & Director of Poseidon Marine H2

These improvements will be used by Poseidon Marine H2 to pursue license agreements with significant manufacturers and industrial/public contracts with the armed services, ferry companies, law enforcement agencies, and other significant marine sectors worldwide.

The business will begin selling the product once it has a functioning boat in Q3 2023 through a planned public offering in early 2024.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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