PowerCell and SEAM agree hydrogen solutions supply for two Norwegian state ferries

Two state ferries that run on Norway’s longest ferry route have a contract with PowerCell for hydrogen solutions.

PowerCell and SEAM have signed the contract. The new ferries crossing the Vestfjorden in Lofoten must be emission-free, according to a rule laid down by the Norwegian government.

In order to travel the lengthy and difficult distances, which might take up to four hours, they also need to be powered by hydrogen. The boats, which can accommodate 599 passengers, 120 automobiles, and 12 trucks apiece, will be delivered by the Norwegian transportation company Torghatten Nord.

A long-term service contract will also be made between Torghatten Nord and PowerCell. The Marine System 200 from PowerCell will be provided, allowing the ferries to generate a total of about 13 MW of electricity. The ships’ use of green hydrogen is anticipated to cut CO2 emissions by 26,500 tonnes annually.

The project, which has a value of €19.2 million, is the largest hydrogen initiative in the marine sector ever, according to the business.

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