PowerTap partners with CGE on licensing and contract manufacturing agreement


Capstone Green Energy and PowerTap have entered into a strategic manufacturing and licensing arrangement for the prototype manufacture of PowerTap’s unique 3rd generation hydrogen production and dispensing station.

Each PowerTap Unit is designed to be modular and uses PowerTap’s patented technology to manufacture and distribute blue hydrogen on-site.

PowerTap’s PowerTap 3 on-site hydrogen generation and fuelling technology is aimed at addressing the enormous gap in hydrogen infrastructure. The PowerTap 3rd generation uses an innovative carbon capture technology to convert natural gas, including renewable natural gas, into onsite hydrogen.

PowerTap Senior Advisor David Bray stated, “Since acquiring the PowerTap hydrogen fueling brand and technology intellectual property portfolio, PowerTap has significantly enhanced the acquired technology to be more efficient, cost effective, and streamlined, and is pleased to be launching the PowerTap 3rd Generation hydrogen fueling system.” “We collaborated with the Andretti Group in January 2021 because of their extensive west coast network and commitment to quality on-site operations.” This relationship will allow PowerTap to collaborate with Andretti Group at the site level to create an interesting Hydrogen fuelling experience for customers. I’m thrilled to report that we’ve signed a strategic licensing and manufacturing partnership with Capstone Green Energy to help us improve our product development efforts and manufacture our commercial hydrogen generation and fuelling devices. Capstone Green Energy was chosen because they have demonstrated product development, certification, and manufacturing capabilities to help PowerTap achieve its strategic hydrogen goal.”

“The PowerTap 3rd generation onsite blue hydrogen production and dispensing system is a one-of-a-kind technology that will accelerate the development of critical hydrogen infrastructure in the United States and throughout the world.” Raghu Kilambi, CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp., said, “We are thrilled to join into this strategic cooperation with Capstone Green Energy, an experienced maker of green solutions for partners internationally.”

“Through our complementary network partners and technologies that enable Capstone Green Energy’s customers to achieve their carbon reduction goals at a reasonable cost, we continue to expand our presence within the ever-changing energy landscape.” “Darren Jamison, Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Green Energy, stated. “Capstone investigated a variety of hydrogen products and conversion methods. We chose PowerTap because their novel solution would minimize the cost and complexity of supplied hydrogen while also providing dedicated on-site hydrogen for our microturbine systems.”

“Capstone Green Energy products, as a distributed energy solution leader, may be placed near a hydrogen generating source, such as PowerTap’s novel offering, lowering efficiency losses and costs associated with converting and shipping hydrogen. When combined with proposed hydrogen production and efficiency investment tax credits, the Capstone on-site solution becomes a low-cost, quick-to-market, best-value option that allows customers to significantly reduce or even eliminate carbon emissions “Jim Crouse, Capstone Green Energy’s Chief Revenue Officer, stated.

“Many consider hydrogen to be the holy grail of carbon-free baseload power and distributed generation today. Hydrogen-fueled CHP and microgrids have the potential to change the energy business as we enhance our capacity to create hydrogen inexpensively on-site “Mr. Crouse came to a conclusion.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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