Project submission for Tasmanian Green Hydrogen Hub at Bell Bay


As part of the Australian Government’s expanded $464 million regional program, the Tasmanian Liberal Government is moving forward with its plan to maximize the opportunity for Bell Bay to be a national renewable hydrogen hub.

The Tasmanian Government will submit an official funding request to the Australian Government to begin the Tasmanian Green Hydrogen Hub Project at Bell Bay, confirming it as one of Australia’s strategically important locations for the development of the emerging green hydrogen industry.

Bell Bay, with its advanced manufacturing zone, renewable energy availability, appropriate infrastructure, water availability, and port access, is an ideal location for a nation-leading renewable hydrogen hub.

The newly formed Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania, our government businesses, hydrogen proponents, and hydrogen support partners have been collaborating closely on the Tasmanian Green Hydrogen Hub Project submission, and we anticipate Bell Bay will be a strong contender.

All of this is consistent with our Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan, which establishes Tasmania’s ambitious goal of becoming a globally significant exporter of renewable hydrogen by 2030.

The funds requested will be used to create the right environment and infrastructure for operations to begin unlocking the potential for large-scale hydrogen export and supporting domestic market activation in Tasmania and on the mainland.

Tasmania has the potential to play a critical role in Australia’s energy transition by rapidly enabling hydrogen production, starting small and scaling up quickly, and demonstrating broad industry applications.

Some of Australia’s largest potential hydrogen producers, including Fortescue Future Industries, Woodside Energy, Origin Energy, and ABEL Energy, have already expressed interest in Bell Bay, and we’re proud that many of these companies have provided letters of support for our funding submission.

Tasmania has devised an audacious plan to capitalize on the state’s distinct advantages in infrastructure and renewable energy to establish a thriving export-scale green hydrogen production facility.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is confident that Bell Bay will be an exciting investment opportunity thanks to collaboration between industry, universities, other research institutions, and innovators.

Anela Dokso

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