Proserv and Synaptec sign agreement to create holistic cable monitoring system


Proserv Controls has formed a strategic partnership with Synaptec to create an integrated holistic cable monitoring system that will minimize downtime, increase protection and lower operating costs for offshore wind farms.

The broad objective of the collaboration is to drive both companies together in a range of energy markets, including offshore wind and upstream oil and gas, through the co-development of a range of creative products and services.

Synaptec provides distributed sensor networks to improve the visibility and control of power systems across the offshore wind, transmission and distribution industries. Its advanced systems use optical fibers and are totally passive: a global first for the power sector.

“Proserv’s stature as an independent controls technology provider, and the ability for our solutions to coexist with all other equipment manufacturers’ control, monitoring and power systems, were a strong attraction to Synaptec. For us, Synaptec’s unique non-intrusive passive monitoring capability means we have the scope to integrate this technology, alongside other monitoring techniques, to bring significant added value to our future control systems.”

Paul Cook, Proserv’s product manager.

Proserv will integrate Synaptec’s specific passive distributed electromechanical sensing (DES) technology into the monitoring solution.

“Cable failures continue to be a significant challenge for the offshore wind sector. Through this new partnership we are bringing to market a solution which will support the growth and progress of the energy transition and positively impact the operations and maintenance costs for offshore wind operators. It’s an important milestone and demonstrates both Synaptec’s and Proserv’s commitment to a stable energy future at a time when the energy sector is undergoing the biggest transformation we’ll see in our lifetimes.”

Philip Orr, managing director, Synaptec

The partners will also determine how best to integrate Synaptec ‘s specific passive DES into Proserv ‘s state-of-the-art subsea control systems in order to track the efficiency of critical infrastructure.

The two companies will work to combine their joint technologies to produce condition monitoring solutions that will take preventative failure alerts to a different level of complexity, allow timely intervention by operators, and thus prevent outages and costly loss of output.

“This alliance represents an exciting opportunity for both parties. Our goal is to combine our respective capabilities to deliver innovative, market-leading products that will ultimately enhance our clients’ production efficiencies and improve their profitability.”

Davis Larssen, CEO, Proserv Controls.
Nedim Husomanovic

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