Protium increases Tees Valley hydrogen project to 70MW

Protium is increasing the capacity of its Tees Valley Net Zero hydrogen project by 30MW, bringing the total output to approximately 70MW.

In the UK’s northern east, on the Wilton Universal Group location, the corporation has been working on a green hydrogen project since last year. Once completed, Protium’s hydrogen production facility will offer local firms with the infrastructure needed to produce renewable green hydrogen energy. Teesside’s largest PEM electrolyser will be supported by the creation of a green hydrogen storage facility, which will help local manufacturers and logistics firms make the switch from natural gas and diesel.

When completed in 2026, the extended project will be Protium’s largest green hydrogen project to date, with a 68.8MW electrolysis capacity (including storage).

Two stages of construction are planned for the Teesside project. The first is slated for Q3 2025 and will involve 1 array of the PEM electrolyser, which will produce 17.2MW. Protium will be the pioneers in electrolytic hydrogen production due to its rapid deployment of phase 1. The second stage will increase the first stage’s electrolyser by three arrays, bringing the total number of arrays to four, for a total of 68.8MW.

Prior to construction and operation in 2025, Protium will own, operate, and finance the project in conjunction with planning, environmental, and engineering partners.

Heavy CO2 emitters in the Teesside area will be able to significantly decarbonize their industrial heat and mobility requirements thanks to the Tees Valley Net Zero Project, which will help them significantly contribute to the UK government’s goal of achieving net zero as more businesses in the UK look to reduce emissions across operations, logistics, and manufacturing.

Protium plans to construct 1GW of green hydrogen production assets in the UK by 2030, which is 20% of the government objective, and will be hosting a launch ceremony for the Tees Valley Net Zero Project in September.