Proton Motor delivers HyFrame S36 to German WILO SE for hydrogen plant

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has created its emission-free high-tech invention HyFrame S36 for the Dortmund-based Group WILO SE.

There have been a total of three orders fulfilled at this point. Wilo’s planned H2Powerplant will make place for additional renewable energy thanks to the use of the modular and adaptable HyFrame S36 technologies.

The new H2Powerplant incorporates the hydrogen fuel cell solution HyFrame, which contributes to carbon-free generation of reusable energy and heat. Proton Motor also provides engineering expertise to help bring all three systems online. HyShelter, a portable Proton Motor container power plant, was built around three HyFrame S43 containers in the fall of 2021.

Additionally, a Swiss road tunnel’s critical infrastructure is protected by the HyFrame unit because of its ability to provide emergency power.