Provaris Energy to advance Tiwi H2 project

Provaris Energy has made significant hires in the major workstreams that will result in thorough project feasibility, land agreements, and environmental approvals.

The Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands contain Melville Island, which is projected to be developed into a 100,000 tonnes per year green hydrogen production and export facility.

Lindsay Whiting, who resides in Darwin, has been added to the Tiwi H2 Project team as the facilitation manager to help with the accomplishment of the project’s major milestones.

Whiting has a long-standing familial connection to the Munupi people, whose traditional territories are where the Tiwi H2 Project is located.

Whiting is a devoted member of the indigenous community who was born in Darwin. He has a wealth of expertise in the construction sector and has held a number of important positions, including port manager of the Port Melville facility, pilot boat master, and port facility security officer.

He will help the business with stakeholder engagement initiatives and the execution of numerous land deals that will benefit the Munupi clan and the Tiwi community in the long run economically, employment-wise, and socially.

“The appointment of Lindsay Whiting is a welcome addition to the Tiwi H2 project team,” said Garry Triglavcanin, executive director and chief development officer of Provaris. “She provides the company with operating experience on the Tiwi Islands, as well as strong stakeholder relationships in the community.

Provaris has hired Darwin-based EcOz to start an early-works program to hasten the preparation of the EIS submission while the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) drafts the Terms of Reference (TOR) for public comment (beginning of the EIS process for environmental approval).

The Social Impact Assessment, the Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Abatement Plan, and the Noise Assessment will all be included in the early works program’s scope because they are anticipated to be included in the final TOR for the EIS assessment.

Provaris anticipates that the draft Terms of Reference for the EIS will be released in January 2023 and will be finalized in March 2023 following public comment.

For the project’s thorough design of the renewable energy component, Provaris has hired CE Partners as the owner’s engineer.

The solar farm, battery energy storage system, substations, and transmission line linked to the H2 Production Precinct are included in this.

In order to solicit construction proposals and choose a preferred EPC contractor in early 2024 for construction, CE Partners’ scope for the project calls for the completion of a 30% design-level package by the end of 2023.

Leading Darwin-based law firm WardKeller has been hired by Provaris to advance several land and site agreements for the Tiwi H2 project.

Because of its close ties to the Territory, WardKeller has been able to forge strong bonds with customers in the mining, resources, infrastructure, and pastoral industries as well as with the government and land councils.

Early in 2023, there will be a focus on engaging with the Tiwi Land Council, Tiwi Plantation Corporation, Office of Township Leasing, and the Munupi Clan to start the process of drafting, negotiating, and executing a Section 19 Lease and other agreements concurrently with the timing of the project’s technical and financial milestones.

Provaris is still in communication with AusGroup, the port’s owners, about working together on feasibility studies and potential future business deals for port access.

The Tiwi H2 project will use a fleet of H2Neo GH2 carriers that are exclusive to Provaris for delivery into the Asia-Pacific energy markets, with final Class clearances and full engineering permissions planned for 2023.

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