Puerto Rico has 3.5Mt/year green hydrogen potential

According to consulting company Velerity, Puerto Rico has a 3.5Mt/year technical capacity for producing green hydrogen.

The US business had been hired to determine whether alternative fuel might play a role on the island.

According to a presentation by Velerity, about 80% of the hydrogen would come from wind, with the remaining sources being solar, wastewater treatment, landfills, and agricultural waste.

The significant decrease in production costs brought on by the falling cost of wind and solar energy, as well as uptake in some industries that are challenging to electrify, like the production of cement and steel, heavy trucks, large ships, and aircraft, are among the factors cited for driving the fuel’s adoption.

According to Velerity, there are several hydrogen projects that might be expedited in Puerto Rico in order to address particular issues, such as grid resilience.

Moreover, Puerto Rico is a “strong fit” for the manufacture of ammonia and methanol for both domestic and international consumption.

The preliminary findings were presented during public engagement workshops, and a hydrogen strategy implementation plan is scheduled to be released the following month.

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