Puerto Rico Prepares Hydrogen Roadmap

Puerto Rico wants to stop using fossil fuels. New wind and solar projects are being developed, and the power system is moving forward with a hydrogen roadmap and plans to replace 70% of the generation that consists of facilities that use petroleum derivatives.

In addition to promoting the use of battery storage systems, it also considers the addition of hydrogen as an energy source shortly due to its appeal to the transportation and electrical industries.

In particular, the Energy Bureau announced that Velerity LLC has been selected as the firm to conduct the feasibility study of the hydrogen project and has been recruited as such.

The Bureau decided that a Hydrogen Roadmap should be formed that includes governmental policies and collaborations to progress new projects, as well as defining the potential role of hydrogen with renewable energy sources in Puerto Rico and identifying any implementation-related obstacles.

By Resolution and Order, it is made clear that the responsibilities listed below must be included in the study that Velerity conducts:

  • Establish the project’s schedule, objectives, and results.
  • Analyze the project’s situation and key details. Describe and classify any potential uses for hydrogen.
  • Select a few uses for hydrogen and conduct a thorough analysis of them.
  • Prepare the resources and implementation plan.
  • Create and deliver the comprehensive final report.
  • All parties with an interest in learning more about the study’s preliminary findings will have access to Virtual Technical Workshops, which will be held in public throughout the first semester of 2023.

The first workshop was originally scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 10, but the Energy Bureau decided it should begin on Tuesday, February 7, continue on March 7, and end on April 11.

All of these days’ activities will be conducted remotely using the Microsoft Teams platform, and they will all be live-streamed on the Negociado de Energa YouTube channel. The day before each scheduled Technical Conference, access requests must be made by 2:00 p.m. through email to secretaria@jrsp.pr.gov or by calling the Secretary of the Energy Bureau at (787) 523-6262.

Agenda for the Puerto Rico Hydrogen Workshop

Puerto Rico Prepares Hydrogen Roadmap