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Puget Sound Energy and Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. have signed a joint venture agreement to partner on project development and technology solutions in order to achieve PSE’s aim of being a “Beyond Net Zero Carbon” energy corporation by 2045.

This agreement would make it easier to bring large-scale, carbon-free renewable generation and storage to PSE’s service territories while maintaining PSE’s commitment to uncompromised reliability, protection, and affordability.

The partnership’s key areas of focus will be:
-Green hydrogen processing, storage, and transportation facilities are being developed.
-Developing large-scale battery storage systems and hydrogen gas turbine combined-cycle power plants
-Collaboration to explore cross-sector decarbonization opportunities, such as refineries, transportation, and distribution, to build synergies between the power sector and other industrial sectors in the region.

Mitsubishi Power was a pioneer in the development of hydrogen-enabled gas turbines and long- and short-term storage systems. It also offers the first and only fully integrated green hydrogen kit in the world. The Hydaptive kit optimizes integration through renewables, energy storage, and hydrogen-enabled gas turbine power plants, all of which work together to produce and incorporate green hydrogen, a critical component of achieving carbon-free emissions.

Mitsubishi Power and Magnum Development will also build green hydrogen storage assets in PSE’s service area as part of the agreement. With the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project in Delta, Utah, Mitsubishi Power and Magnum Development made green hydrogen storage a grid-scale reality in May 2019.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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