Pyrenees Working Community promotes hydrogen deployment

The Pyrenees Working Community (CTP) plenary has pledged to support a cooperation protocol to establish a transnational area for the deployment of the hydrogen economy and has called for the inclusion of autonomous communities and regions in the decision-making process.

Both of these issues are included in the declaration that the CTP made at the conclusion of its 40th plenary session on Wednesday in Aranzazu (Gipuzkoa).

The CTP expressed its disapproval of the closure of 8 border crossings for “more than a year” in its statement, and it regretted that the EC’s proposal for the review of the trans-European transport networks calls for the reorientation of the corridors leading to the Ukraine toward the Sea of North rather than the Mediterranean.

Green hydrogen was one of the conference’s main topics, and Aleksandra Tomczak, a member of Frank Timmermans’ cabinet and the European Commissioner for the Green Pact and Climate Action, talked electronically about the European H2 Strategy.

According to Tomczak, green hydrogen has become one of the “essential” components needed for Europe to be independent of Russia’s fossil fuels as a result of the energy crisis brought on by the invasion of Ukraine.