“Quickly revise rules to allow nationwide hydrogen business,” says Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Korean Ministry of SMEs

Vice Minister of SMEs and Startups Jo Joo-hyeon said: “We will prepare a place for companies in the special zone, related ministries, and private experts to communicate together on a regular basis so that hydrogen-related laws can be quickly revised and commercialized nationwide.”

Vice Minister Cho made this statement after visiting the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration Center in Ulsan Metropolitan City’s Hydrogen Green Mobility Special Zone and Jangsaengpo Port, a hydrogen ship demonstration site.

This visit to the site of the special zone free of regulation is the fifth step since the autonomous driving zone of Sejong City in June, and was prepared to check the progress of the special zone project and to hear difficulties in the process of reorganizing regulatory laws and commercialization after the demonstration.

Previously, Ulsan Special Zone was designated in November 2019 to demonstrate mobility using hydrogen fuel cells such as hydrogen ships, forklifts, and unmanned transport vehicles based on excellent hydrogen production and supply infrastructure, as well as ship and mobile hydrogen charging.

Currently, 17 companies are involved in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell indoor logistics transport machines and the construction of mobile hydrogen charging stations, and 7 companies are promoting the demonstration project to improve regulations by preparing safety and facility standards in the relevant field for the operation of hydrogen fuel cell ships and building hydrogen charging stations for ships. have.

At a meeting with the operators of the special zone, Vice Minister Cho heard a complaint that small and medium-sized enterprises would not be able to conduct a nationwide business unless the relevant laws and regulations were prepared promptly. ‘ he replied.

In addition, Vice Minister Cho urged “Ulsan, which was designated as the first special zone free of regulation in the hydrogen field, to play a role in leading the nationwide commercialization of hydrogen mobility through rapid demonstration and safety verification.”

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