Rabbalshede Kraft partners in Åland’s largest wind farm


Rabbalshede Kraft has become a partner in Åland’s largest wind farm, Långnabba, which is located at the southern tip of Eckerö.

This project is the largest investment in wind power in Åland so far and the annual electricity output is projected to be equal to the electricity consumption of 10,000 households.

“This is our first investment outside Sweden and we are very happy that it was in Åland. We are impressed by the collaboration between authorities and investors and we are looking forward to realizing the ambition of increasing the supply of locally produced renewable energy. We are pleased to provide our support and expertise in concert with other investors to contribute to this ambitious goal.”

Peter Wesslau, CEO of Rabbalshede Kraft.

Project Långnabba consists of ten wind turbines in the 4 MW scale, giving a total park size of 40–43 MW. The site has very strong wind conditions at a height of 115 meters. It is projected that the project will be completed in approximately 1,5 years.

Nedim Husomanovic

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