Richter Group orders 20 hydrogen trucks from Nikola

To decarbonize its heavy-duty fleet in Germany, Nikola, and E.ON have partnered with logistics service provider Richter Group. 20 Nikola Tre trucks powered by hydrogen have been ordered by the logistics company as a beginning step.

Next year, the H2 trucks are anticipated to start serving clients. In the next four to five years, Richter intends to convert its whole fleet to hydrogen, and it also wants to advance the Nikola Concept. With loading and unloading sites throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, the company, which is based in Germany, now operates a fleet of more than 160 diesel-powered vehicles.

In order to transition their fleets to Nikola cars, The Richter Group also wishes to collaborate with logistical partners. So, the company may anticipate receiving another 750 orders during that time.

Sylvio Richter, the founder and CEO of Richter Group, stated, “We want to roll out Nikola’s hydrogen-powered electric trucks and other services from Nikola and E.ON to many of our partners to further encourage and grow decarbonization activities in the European heavy goods transport sector.”

The joint venture between Nikola and the Iveco Group at their plant in Ulm produces the hydrogen-powered Nikola Tre electric trucks in the European edition. Iveco offers maintenance as well.

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