Rite Angle Partners and Ron Harbour to commercialize hydrogen technology


The Rite Angle LLC, a Michigan-based energy innovation firm, has forged a collaboration with Ron Harbour, former president of Harbour Consulting and famous author of “The Harbour Report.”

The Rite Angle LLC, in collaboration with other worldwide R&D firms, has developed a method for producing Hydrogen-based fuel from water in a safe and cost-effective manner.

The Rite Angle technology provides increased safety and cheaper costs, as well as simpler storage and a 2.5-fold denser hydrogen fuel than previously possible. It can be compressed to over 1,000 bars, kept for years in tanks, and liquefied at 1 bar/-178 degrees Celsius.

Hydrogen-based fuel can also be produced on-demand wherever it is needed, making it a cost-effective direct replacement for fossil fuels in vehicles, ships, generators, boiler systems, power plants, turbines, aircraft, rocket engines, spacecraft, non-Oxygen underwater welding machines, and anything else with a power source. In most situations, the Rite Angle approach can reduce fuel consumption by at least half and carbon emissions by at least half, with just water as a byproduct. The business will also develop an emulsified diesel fuel, which will be a 50/50 combination of diesel and water that will provide the same amount of energy while emitting half as much.

“Hundreds of inventions have been introduced to me throughout my decades in manufacturing, some of which have proven remarkable performance but have yet to be commercialized. I’m betting my life’s effort and reputation on the game-changing advantages the Rite Angle innovation can bring to business, the environment, and society “Harbour said. “The long-awaited hydrogen solution as the world’s leading fuel is on the verge of becoming a reality.”

Harbour will manage Rite Angle’s commercialization and go-to-market strategy, working closely with the company’s leadership to guarantee the technology’s successful rollout to interested markets and enterprises throughout the world.

“For over a decade, our business has been tenaciously pursuing this answer with highly brilliant partners across the world, and now that hard effort has culminated in a new energy that uses a source with infinite abundance,” stated Dean Weston, CEO of Rite Angle LLC. “Now it’s time to bring it into the market, where it can improve lives and help save the planet, and we’re delighted to be working with Ron Harbour to do so in the coming months.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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