RIX Mobile hydrogen generation system for marine environments


The M2H2-Series versatile family of Methanol-to-Hydrogen Power Systems from RIX Industries is a mobile hydrogen generation system that brings green power to shipboard and marine environments.

The RIX M2H2-Series reduces the large footprint of cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage by generating hydrogen onboard and on demand. These highly efficient power systems give marine shipbuilders and operators a convenient alternative to environmentally harmful diesel-based propulsion systems.

The M2H2-Series systems, which are now available, provide a cost-effective commercial route to clean, scalable hydrogen power for maritime applications.

Methanol fuel reforming technology is used in the RIX M2H2-Series systems to produce hydrogen. Element 1 (dba e1), a developer of renewable energy products, processes, and innovations, has licensed this technology, which is backed by RIX’s well-established manufacturing operations and integration services. The M2H2-Series combines methanol-to-hydrogen generation technology with PEM fuel cells to provide a high performance, low vibration/noise, and low emission solution for power critical applications such as ship propulsion, auxiliary power systems, reefer container power, and cold ironing.

The M2H2 power system’s scalability is another benefit, as it can accommodate fuel cell solutions ranging from 30 kW to 120 kW, which can be combined to support MW applications. The deployment does not necessitate significant ship infrastructure changes, and existing diesel tanks can be used to store liquid methanol as a feedstock at ambient temperatures. This removes the uncertainties and issues associated with onboard hydrogen management, such as storage at high pressures or at cryogenic temperatures, which have long been a stumbling block for the marine industry.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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